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Often times, the paper version of This Is Me document does not allow a person a leave out information. As a tangible item, it can be easily damaged and misplaced.


We offer safe, personalised, cloud solution of users.
Send it to anyone you like and keep your information safe!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is I Am Me

I Am Me is a online self care document for people with dementia. We exist to ease the communications towards care providers, so they are well informed with your needs.

Why is it free?

It is free for one user one document. This way we can ensure everyone in the world with dementia can communicate their care needs easily!

Why use I Am Me

It's a great document that helps nursing, care staff and medical staff under stand the needs of our loved ones. Much quicker and easier compared to paper documents.

How do I share my document

After completing your or your loved one's document, simple click on "Share Document" button on your dashboard and enter down the correpondent email of choice.

How do I update my information

Unlike paper self care document such as This is Me and Getting to Know Me, your provided information can easily be updated on your dashboard by clicking the edit buttion.

How do I delete my document

Simply click on the top right hand corner next your profile picture, select "My Account" and on the bottom right hand corner is where you can delete your account with us.


Share us your thoughts, our team here at I Am Me are always open to listen and improve our services

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